Palmer Report editorial note

So we’re having a bit of a week. From the start of the impeachment process we’ve known that the Republican Senate would end up corruptly acquitting Donald Trump, but now we have to stomach watching it happen. We’ve been waiting months for voting to get underway in the Democratic primary process, and the Iowa caucus was such a calamity, we’re still not sure who won – even as we realize the state is too non-representative of the party’s diversity to have gone first anyway. So yeah, it hasn’t been a fun one.

But I’ll tell you something. I think our resolve might be stronger than ever. Earlier this week I got tired of so many media pundits trying to take advantage of our vulnerable mindset this week by trying to convince us that the sky is falling and Trump is magically winning. So I started calling out every instance of this hysteria and fatalism that I encountered. I was afraid I’d get a lot out pushback from Resistance members who have simply had it and are ready to give up. Instead I saw something else.

The more I’ve pushed against the fatalism this week, both on the Palmer Report website and on social media, the more people have gotten on board. This shouldn’t be a popularity contest, but Palmer Report’s numbers have gone up this week, not down. This suggests that Resistance members have had it – they’ve had it with the fatalism, and the the idea that we somehow can’t win.

We won the fight to save Obamacare. We’ve helped expose various Trump criminal scandals that have landed some of his top henchmen in prison, leaving him shorthanded for whatever corrupt schemes he’s plotting next. We won the midterms overwhelmingly. We impeached Trump. We’ve fought the good fight well enough that Trump is saddled with an upside down approval rating that leaves him facing a very difficult 2020 road. We’ve done all of this not by sitting around and insisting that the worst possible case scenario is going to happen, but by fighting for the best case scenarios. We’ve only won some of the battles we’ve fought, but that’s left America far better off than if we hadn’t bothered to fight any of them.

So hello to the new people who have stumbled across Palmer Report this week. If you ask the people who have been around for awhile, they’ll tell you that my analysis and predictions are sometimes the precise opposite of what you’re hearing from every other pundit out there, but those are the instances where I tend to be proven the most accurate. Thanks to all of you longtime readers who have stuck it out and are still fighting for the soul of this country. This week is a grinder – but now more than ever, we’re still winning this fight.

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