Donald Trump is out of gas

60 Minutes finally aired its controversial interview with Donald Trump tonight, thus allowing a national audience to see just how petulant, weak, and fragile he is these days. Yet after he spent the week trying to spin the debacle in his favor, when it aired tonight, he didn’t even try fighting back. Instead his handlers merely tweeted an isolated clip, insisting it was proof that Trump is somehow good for “suburban women.”

It’s the same old rhetoric from this guy, except now it’s coming more slowly and meekly, with diminishing returns. The majority of Americans are simply tired of Trump, and Trump seems tired of… everything. He spends his campaign rallies whining about the minor retribution he’ll carry out if he loses – refusing to ever set foot in any state he loses, fleeing the country – things that no one cares about. This guy keeps throwing a pity party, and no one but his too-small base keeps showing up.

Trump whines about having to campaign at all. Trump whines about people like Bill Barr not doing enough to help him. Trump just whines, period. He’s afraid he’s about to lose everything, he doesn’t have a clue how to help himself, and he’s lumbering toward the finish line in directionless fashion.

Donald Trump is out of gas. This means we have an opportunity to run up the score against him, leave no doubt about the outcome and no room for controversy, and take the Senate too. Trump doesn’t know how to take these final nine days seriously. That means we should.

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