Donald Trump just revealed why he absolutely must be ousted BEFORE the end of his term

Last week Michael Cohen predicted that if Donald Trump loses reelection in 2020, he may refuse to leave office, thus ending democracy as we know it. I’ve never subscribed to this particular notion, because for all his numerous psychoses, Trump always cuts a deal and walks away when he knows he’s lost (see his six bankruptcies). But Trump just made clear that he has something up his sleeve when it comes to not wanting to leave office.

Stuffed into the tenth paragraph of a largely unrelated New York Times article last night, we find this randomly inserted sentence: “Some people close to Mr. Trump have privately predicted that he will ultimately choose to seek a second term in part because of his legal exposure if he is not president.” There it is. Trump is under the impression that as long as he’s the president, he won’t face any criminal consequences.

This means that Donald Trump will be willing to cheat as brazenly and treasonously as possible during the 2020 election, under the premise that if he doesn’t find a way to win, he’ll go straight to prison. He’s right. The very minute that Trump is no longer president, he’ll be arrested and arranged on criminal charges. In fact various state and federal prosecutorial entities will be fighting over who gets to cuff the bastard first.

For that reason, Donald Trump cannot be allowed to be a participant in the 2020 election. That means he must be ousted from office before the election. The House Democrats, Robert Mueller, the SDNY, and every other involved entity therefore have no choice but to force Trump out of office by any and all legal means necessary. That means impeachment, indictment, asset seizures, arresting his kids, all of it. The continued existence of the American democracy now rests upon it.