Donald Trump’s “orange face” photo debacle just got even uglier for him

Last night a photographer named William Moon tweeted a photograph of Donald Trump that was, shall we say, less than flattering. The image showed that Trump’s hair had been blown straight back by the wind, revealing the contrast between Trump’s spray tan-like orange facepaint and the pale skin that had been hiding beneath his goofy hairdo. The photo went viral. Today, Trump made the whole thing worse.

If there’s one way to make sure that everyone sees a terrible photograph of you, it’s to tweet the photo yourself. Sure enough, Donald Trump tweeted the “orange face” photo – though in black and white – which made it look even worse:

To be clear, there is no evidence that the photograph was “photoshopped.” It’s also unclear why Trump thinks his hair looks “good” in this photo. In any case, if Trump thinks the photo of him is falsified, why did he just tweet it? Sure, maybe he’s trying to change the subject away from last night’s ouster of Colonel Vindman and Ambassador Sondland. But if he’s already trying to distract us, then that’s just a sign that his revenge plot against them is backfiring on him.

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