Donald Trump begins openly feuding with the GOP as he circles the drain

With the Republicans in Congress willing to give Donald Trump so much leeway and support, one would think that Trump would try to make a point of keeping the GOP happy as his own troubles and scandals grow worse. After all, he needs them now more than ever. Just don’t tell that to Trump, who has somehow decided that his best way to survive is to attack Republican strongholds.

Earlier today, an executive from the Chamber of Commerce โ€“ a Republican leading organization โ€“ appeared on Republican leaning CNBC in order to explain why tariffs were bad for the economy. This prompted Donald Trump to call in to CNBC and begin attacking the Chamber of Commerce.

When you’re a Republican politician, you’re not supposed to come between wealthy people and their money, lest they retaliate by funding your opponent. But because Trump is playing a tariff game that even he doesn’t understand, and he’s too stubborn or clueless to acknowledge that he’s lost, he’s now attacking his own would-be allies who are trying to convince him to move on. But it’s not just limited to the big money folks.


Donald Trump also decided today to go ahead and appoint his openly racist pal Ken Cuccinelli to an immigration leadership post, seemingly just to spite Mitch McConnell โ€“ who despises Cuccinelli and will likely seek to kill the appointment. Whatever dangerous game Trump is playing here as he circles the drain, he seems to think that alienating Republican leaders and the deep-pocket Republicans is his best way to come out on the right end of this. Good luck with that. Tellingly, even as Trump burns his bridges with GOP leaders, the far-right GOP bottom feeders in the House are still on television dishonestly defending him.

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