Desperate Donald Trump openly begs the Republicans not to sell him out

Aside from the relative handful of cartoon characters who have decided that they’re willing to go down with Donald Trump, most of the Republicans in the House and Senate care infinitely more about their own personal odds of reelection than they do about whether Trump sinks or swims. They’d rather hang in there with him if they can, because it’s easier. But if their hand is ultimately forced, they’ll selfishly throw him under the bus in a heartbeat.

We’re already seeing early-stage signs of this, in the form of news reports that a group of Republican Senators are preparing to acknowledge that Donald Trump did engage in a quid pro quo, while arguing that his improper behavior simply doesn’t rise to the level of impeachment. This would be an incremental form of selling Trump out, in the name of trying to retain their own credibility. Shortly after this news broke, Trump insisted on Twitter that it was fake, and it wasn’t happening. Now he’s changing his tune, and he’s essentially begging the Republicans not to sell him out:

The call to the Ukrainian President was PERFECT. Read the Transcript! There was NOTHING said that was in any way wrong. Republicans, don’t be led into the fools trap of saying it was not perfect, but is not impeachable. No, it is much stronger than that. NOTHING WAS DONE WRONG!


This is a good barometer of where we’re at. Now that televised impeachment hearings are set to begin in the House two days from now, things are going to get ugly for Donald Trump fast. Pro-impeachment poll numbers will quickly climb even higher than they are now, and you can bet the Republican Senators will be looking at those numbers every day until the impeachment process reaches the Senate. No wonder Trump is begging them not to sell him out. What’s interesting is that he’s already resorting to doing it in public.

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