Oops: Rush Limbaugh just gave away Donald Trump’s game

When you’re trying to pull off a con, the first rule is that you never admit what you’re really up to. Even if most people see through it, even if they’re accusing you of it, you still don’t admit it. You also make sure your allies don’t publicly admit it either – because you have to at least nominally keep the illusion intact.

That brings us to Donald Trump’s ongoing lies about Morning Joe Scarborough having supposedly murdered a woman. Everyone knows it’s not true. Trump knows it’s not true. Even Trump’s supporters know it’s not true; they just enjoy the idea of sticking it to a member of the media who doesn’t like Trump very much. But here comes Trump’s stupid ally Rush Limbaugh, who just gave away the entire game.

Limbaugh, who frequently suffers from overconfidence, just openly bragged on air that Trump knows the murder allegation isn’t true, and that Trump is merely using it to offend people’s sensibilities. Again, we already knew this. But Limbaugh wasn’t supposed to admit it like this. Limbaugh just dumbly made it harder for Trump to continue pushing this con. These guys are all about half as smart as they think they are.

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