Donald Trump just got hit by a one-two-three punch

There’s a reason the most effective punches tend to come in bunches. One sets up the next, or at least opens the door for the next, and suddenly it’s a cascading effect. Thus far Donald Trump has shown that although he’s incrementally weakened by them, he can deflect and survive punches as long as they arrive one at a time. That’s why it’s such a big deal that he just got hit by a one-two-three punch.

It feels like forever ago that a court filing revealed Michael Flynn had sold out Donald Trump to Robert Mueller, and had even turned over an incriminating voicemail. This means we’ll all get to hear that voicemail in short order, making for an almost Nixon-tapes-esque moment. Then yesterday, the first sitting Republican member of Congress called for Trump’s impeachment. And then, just as Trump was trying to fend that off, the big punch arrived.

This afternoon the New York Times revealed that Deutsche Bank flagged Donald Trump’s financial transactions in 2016 and 2017 for money laundering, and some of it involved Russia, but certain people at the bank then worked to cover it up. In other words, you’re right about everything you thought was true all along about the Trump-Russia money trail.

These three punches have Donald Trump trying to play defense on all sides. The thing is, these three are largely just precursors for what will soon land. The Flynn evidence is about to become public, which will make it much more effective. The Justin Amash call for impeachment will get more play as the week goes on. And a judge is about to rule that Trump’s financial records must be given to the Democratic House, so the Deutsche Bank money laundering scandal is about to get even worse for him.

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