One of Ted Cruz’s top aides just resigned in protest

Republican Senator Ted Cruz helped lead the charge in inciting the domestic terrorist attack against the U.S. Capitol building. Now comes the fallout. There are growing calls for his resignation or expulsion. He’s losing donors. And now he’s losing staff.

Ted Cruz’s communications director Lauren Bianchi just resigned. The New York Times says she’s doing so in protest of Cruz’s behavior on January 6th. So now Cruz is in the remarkably bad position of seeing one of his own loyal underlings bailing on him. She was willing to work for him back when he was just an odious turd. But now that he’s a seditionist, she’s out.

Now we’ll see what other consequences he faces. It would take a two-thirds vote to expel him, which would require the support of 17 Republican Senators. Nearly everyone in the Senate hates Cruz, including the Republicans. But are they willing to kick him to the curb? They might end up selfishly deciding that they have to expel him in order to preserve their own political viability going forward.

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