One of Donald Trump’s all-time dumbest ideas may have been a result of misunderstanding a joke that President Obama told

Two weeks ago, Palmer Report made a joke about Donald Trump ordering his handlers to take a bumbling Rudy Giuliani and “feed him to the alligators.” Then yesterday the New York Times reported that Trump really has been ordering his handlers to get a price estimate for a border moat that would feed would-be immigrants to the alligators.

For a minute there, we were afraid that Donald Trump was reading Palmer Report’s most darkly sarcastic condemnations of him, and taking them as a dare. Then we remembered that Trump can’t read. Really, he referred to his moat yesterday as a “Moot” and then had to delete it. But now it turns out Trump may have in fact stolen the idea from someone else who made a sarcastic remark.

Various observers online and on television pointed out last night that back in 2011, President Obama joked during a speech that Republicans are so obsessed with the border, they wanted him to build a moat – and if he gave it to them, then “they’ll want alligators in the moat.”

Considering how consistently obsessed Donald Trump has been with one-upping President Obama in every way that he can, it’s entirely possible that Trump saw the Obama footage awhile back, and thought that Obama was actually proposing a border moat filled with alligators. This guy Trump is so far gone at this point, who knows?

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