The real secret to taking down Donald Trump

This month the annual conservative event known as CPAC was held again. This is a grassroots meeting that invites conservatives from all over the country to hear Republican conservative leadership and media personnel speak on conservative issues. Back when I was a conservative, it was an event that I had always wanted to go to but didn’t get the chance, and I am glad I never went.

I have learned in this past year the dangers of conservative media. The pundits tend to leave out facts, create a narrative, and demonize people by gaslighting those who have different opinions, religions, race and gender, all for the purpose of their agenda of American isolation and nationalism. I also see how important this presidential election in 2020 will be, and I believe that we in the Democratic Party should have annual events because I really believe if we are not a unified party, Trump will win four more years, and that will set the United States back for a long time.

Conservatives continue to tell the lie that all Democrats want to take guns, have open borders, kill babies, hate Jews, support radical Islam, and hate police. These are the talking points that I believed for so many years, and I would like to say that none of this is true. Are people in the Democratic Party perfect? Of course not, but the values of the Democratic Party are what makes it amazing when I saw the truth of what liberalism really represents.

I have learned there is fine print in the United States Constitution that conservatives continue to leave out. For example, the 2nd Amendment talks about having a well-regulated militia, basically saying our lawmakers have the right and obligation to implement laws that ensure people who shouldn’t own weapons don’t own them. Same with abortion. No one likes abortion, but women have the right to decide what goes on in their bodies. Basically in a nutshell, CPAC is a time where they gaslight Democrats without any actual real solutions to our real problems in this country. But they will make up a national emergency to isolate immigrants who have every human right to be in our country.


I strongly feel that the Democratic Party should have an equivalent to CPAC. I see now how we are a melting pot of people with similar values who need to come together for their voices to be heard. This is a party that accepts those who are different, those who are unique, from all walks of life. This party sees the struggle Americans go through on a regular basis. With our country being the richest country in the world, there shouldn’t be homeless, there shouldn’t be people without medical coverage, and no child should be left out when it comes to education, and everyone should be given an opportunity to excel in life. That’s the party I fell in love with, the Democratic Party, the party of acceptance.

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