“One bad apple”


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“One bad apple.” That is how Chief Justice John Roberts is describing the leaker. Roberts addressed Federal Judges this week and brought up the week-long drama. It is foolish, stated Roberts, for whoever leaked the draft opinion to believe that this leak could EVER affect the Court and keep it from doing its job.

And absolutely nobody should believe those words. What exactly is Roberts supposed to say? “Yes, this is awful. I’m losing my authority. A few Justices have gone rogue. They also lied in their confirmation hearings. But there is nothing I can do because I’m weak.”

I doubt we will hear THOSE words from the Chief Justice anytime soon, although, in my opinion, that statement would be closer to the truth than what he did say.

What Roberts is dealing with is his worst nightmare, unfolding in real-time.

Roberts is no longer looked upon as a leader. Neither is his precious Court looked on as an independent entity.

The Court has been compromised, and everybody knows it.

The highest Court in the land should be a beacon of hope — a shining example of Jurisprudence at its finest.

Only that isn’t what it now is. Instead, the Court is a political machine. It’s a wholly-owned entity of the federalist society. It is looked on as every bit as political as Congress.

What a bitter pill it must be for Roberts to have to swallow.

Roberts has always been obsessed with appearances. He wants the Court to be seen as a sterling place where Justices hang up their political biases at the door.

But that would not be the truth. The truth is it isn’t the leaker who is the bad apple.

There ARE bad apples, and they’re sitting on the Court right now. One of them — Justice Alito — seems to have more in common with a Judge from decades passed who believed in Witchcraft than he does with today’s society.

Another one is Justice Barrett. This woman thinks the solution for all women is having their babies and then dropping the kid off at the nearest police station.

And let’s not forget Justice Thomas — a man whose wife seems to have more sympathy for insurrectionists than the police wounded and killed that horrible day of January 6. All these Justices lied in their confirmation hearings, and all should be impeached—all of them.


So chief Justice Roberts has a problem. That problem is the bad apples now outweigh the good. But he has no solutions. But we do. And when we win in November, it will be time to unleash them.


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