Everything is on fire and Donald Trump is drowning

Yesterday morning, Palmer Report pointed out that that if Special Counsel Robert Mueller ended up recommending a lenient sentence for Michael Flynn, it would mean that Flynn’s cooperation had gone a long way to taking down Donald Trump. Yesterday evening, Mueller announced that he recommending the most lenient sentence possible for Flynn, meaning the worst case scenario for Trump – and that’s just of what’s gone wrong for him.

Yesterday afternoon we learned that Roger Stone had pleaded the Fifth in the Trump-Russia scandal. Then Stone went berserk, insisting that this was supposed to have remained private. It’s as if he didn’t want Donald Trump to know that he was staying out of it entirely, as opposed to going in there and lying on Trump’s behalf. Then, just to make things fun, legal experts pointed out that Stone’s attempt at pleading the Fifth would probably fail, so he did it for nothing.

Somewhere in there yesterday, in a story that would have scored major headlines on any other day, subpoenas finally began flying in the long simmering Emoluments case against Donald Trump. Because if there’s one thing Trump needs right now, it’s yet another exploding scandal.

And of course let’s not forget that Donald Trump sent the stock market plummeting by eight hundred points yesterday, just by posting a series of tweets that revealed he doesn’t even know how tariffs work. Everything is on fire right now, and Donald Trump is drowning. Today will end up being even worse for him.