Donald Trump just added one of his old co-conspirators to his impeachment defense team

Now that Donald Trump’s criminal defense attorney Rudy Giuliani is in danger of being indicted and arrested, and he’s failed in his attempt at hiring Trey Gowdy as Rudy’s replacement, Trump is turning his attention to a different partisan hack – and one he’s conspired with in the past.

Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi announced in 2013 she was investigating Trump University. But then just six days later, according to CNN, a Trump-related PAC donated money to Bondi’s reelection campaign, and then she dropped the Trump University probe. The corruptness of Bondi’s actions became more clear in hindsight when Trump University was forcibly shut down for having been a complete fraud from top to bottom.

Now the Wall Street Journal says that Donald Trump is having the White House hire – you guessed it – Pam Bondi as an “impeachment related aide.” Trump always circles back to people he knows are willing to play ball when it comes to his corrupt antics, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Interestingly enough, Pam Bondi was the Florida Attorney General when Donald Trump suspiciously won the state as part of his Kremlin-assisted 2016 presidential election victory. Bondi was still the Florida Attorney General two years later when Republicans Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott pulled out even more suspicious victories in the 2018 election, in the midst of what was otherwise a nationwide blue wave.

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