Oh, NOW they want to stop Donald Trump?

When Republican Senators (minus Mitt Romney) decided to acquit an obviously guilty Donald Trump, some of them publicly pushed the narrative that he’s learned his lesson from the Ukraine scandal and he won’t dare do anything else corrupt. They didn’t believe this, of course. It was simply their attempt at explaining away their corrupt acquittal vote.

Trump then immediately decided to prove what a corrupt prick he can be, by ousting Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman and U.S. Ambassador Gordon Sondland – two witnesses from the House impeachment hearings – from his administration. Republican Senator Susan Collins said she was concerned and disappointed, two words she keeps misusing so badly, someone should buy her a dictionary. It turns out some other GOP Senators went to greater lengths.

A handful of unnamed Republican Senators privately urged Donald Trump not to fire Gordon Sondland, according to a new report from the New York Times. There are several suspicious things here. Why did they wait until after Trump fired Sondland to leak this to the media? And why are they only standing up for a henchman like Sondland, and not a patriot like Vindman?

We can intuitively answer some of this. Gordon Sondland has been a major political donor, and Republican Senators probably leaked this in the hope of trying to remain on his good side. Colonel Vindman is merely a decorated military officer and a patriot, and not a wealthy donor, so the Republicans aren’t sticking up for him. The Republicans don’t want to stop Donald Trump, so much as they want to stop Donald Trump from harming their money.

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