Oh good, Rudy Giuliani is about to burn it all down

If you’re Donald Trump and you’re slipping so badly that you can no longer remember how childbirth and toilets work, the last thing you should do is hire a criminal defense attorney who’s slipping so badly that he’s currently overseas incoherently incriminating himself ahead of his arrest. Yet that’s precisely what Trump has done with Rudy Giuliani, and sure enough, Rudy is about to burn it all down.

Donald Trump had spent the past couple weeks trying to distance himself from an increasingly incriminated Rudy Giuliani. But now that Rudy is in Ukraine taking one last insane stab at trying to make Trump’s favorite phony conspiracy theories come true, Trump appears to like Rudy again.

Trump announced today that while he hasn’t spoken to Rudy about what he’s up to in Ukraine (yeah right), he’s somehow hearing that Rudy has found plenty. Apparently the voices in Trump’s head are keeping him filled in. Trump also said that when Rudy gets back he’s planning to testify before Congress about what he’s found in Ukraine. Oh good, here we go.

Donald Trump hasn’t specified whether Rudy Giuliani is going to testify before the current House impeachment inquiry, or perhaps before fellow escaped mental patient Lindsey Graham’s Senate Judiciary Committee. But regardless of where Rudy testifies, he’ll make things far worse for himself and Trump just by opening his mouth at all – and that’s before getting to the part where the Democrats on the committee get to interrogate Rudy and he completely falls apart.

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