Trump official admits sore loser Donald Trump has become a “national laughingstock”

– As Donald Trump continues to drag out his loss, he continues to humiliate himself, which further erodes his leverage. Now that his election legal team has gone from the three stooges to the two stooges, it’s even more embarrassing. One Trump administration official is admitting to the WSJ that Donald Trump has become a “national laughingstock.” Though in reality he was always a national laughingstock.

– Donald Trump tweeted on November 14th that he was adding Sidney Powell to his election legal team. The rest of the team announced on the evening of November 22nd that she was off the team. Powell lasted nine days, or 0.81 Scaramuccis.

– After Ivanka Trump tweeted some completely tone-deaf nonsense about how she’s supposedly creating jobs, E. Jean Carroll fired back at her with “THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE ARE DYING, IVANKA!!”

– Tweet of the day, from Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman: “I don’t get why Trump cut Sidney Powell loose. How is she any less warped or tragic than any other of their cases or attorneys in PA? Nearly 3 weeks after the election, my dude in Forty Fort + his dead mom still represents *50%* of the total voter fraud in PA out of 7M votes.”

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