Trump and the GOP take another ugly shot at President Obama’s legacy

If anyone questions how little Republicans care about the American people, they need look no further than their continued drive to dismantle the ACA. These actions wouldn’t be so bad if they had a replacement in mind. They don’t, and that totally doesn’t matter to most of them. Well, it should matter to you.

According to Politico, Republicans have renewed their attack on our healthcare system via an appeals court ruling that seeks to nullify the law because the tax penalty was removed, thereby making the entire law unconstitutional to their way of thinking. Republicans can try to twist this all they like, but this is their doing. They removed the tax penalty that this court now seeks to use to strike down the remainder of the law, and they’re acting surprised and are already trying to blame Democrats. Several Senate Republicans have insisted that “Congress should get its act together.” No, it was your Congress that crippled the law, when you knew full well you had nothing with which to replace it.

Mitt Romney claims to have a plan that he “would be delighted to have Congress pick up and go forward with.” Perhaps he does, as according to the Hill, Romney implemented a healthcare insurance law in Massachusetts that later served as the template for the ACA. Romney is supposedly taking the lead on this issue, but the scary part is who he’s working with: Rick “Medicare Fraud” Scott, Lamar “I hope the ACA fails” Alexander, and Lindsey (take your pick of nicknames) Graham. With perhaps the exception of Romney, none of these men want to help the average American secure and keep healthcare. Romney gets a pass only because his law was successful and served as the basis of the ACA.
Suffice it to say that we are, once again, under attack by the Republicans.

The only hope we have in this nightmare is that the Supreme Court will have final say. While John Roberts gave the majority opinion that allowed the ACA into law, it’s a very different court today than it was then. In the interim, Democrats have vowed to fight. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), who is on the Senate Health Committee and likely knows these characters better than anyone, said: “Republicans on this issue of pre-existing conditions can’t have it both ways. You can’t support the lawsuit and say you give a damn about pre-existing conditions.” He makes a lot of sense. He goes on to say, “They have nothing prepared.” Of course they don’t. They never have, and they never will.

Susan Collins, whose Senate seat is in jeopardy, said that she would be “very concerned” if the ACA is struck down. Collins is just trying to protect her seat and is not in the least trustworthy. We can thank her for Brett Kavanaugh, so what she has to say is pretty useless. Even as he claims to have a plan, Romney said that they don’t have “particulars on the timing.” Do you really trust any of these people to come up with something that will benefit Americans?

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