Donald Trump circles the OANN drain

Donald Trump is facing several very real and very consequential problems, such as his worsening criminal scandals, the prospect of impeachment, and the fact that he’s currently getting blown out by every viable would-be 2020 Democratic opponent. But in Trump’s narcissistic mind, he’s facing a far bigger problem: the likes of Fox News and CNBC aren’t kissing his backside anymore.

Over the past few months, leading Fox News personalities like Shep Smith, Chris Wallace, and Judge Napolitano have been increasingly calling Donald Trump out. He still has Hannity, but the reality is that as he becomes more toxic even on his own side of the political fence, a for-profit network like Fox is going to shift its coverage to wherever it thinks its viewers are going to end up being. Last week Trump also lost CNBC, as the conservative-leaning financial news channel decided that Trump’s idiotic tariffs were the last straw.

This has apparently left Trump flipping the television dial, looking for anyone who’s willing to say flattering things about him. He’s recently begun ranting about MSNBC, suggesting he’s begun watching the channel for the first time, and he obviously didn’t find what he liked. Now Trump appears to have found solace in a fairly obscure far-right propaganda network called OANN.

This morning Donald Trump tweeted two quotes from OANN about how popular and beloved he supposedly is. Oddly enough, one of the quotes claims that Trump’s approval rating is 50%, while the other claims it’s 51% (hint: it’s roughly ten points lower than either of those numbers). He also tweeted this gibberish from OANN: “Last month a Democrat Pollster said President Trump’s approval rating has been the most steady of any President in history!”

So there you have it. Now that even conservative propaganda outlets like Fox News and CNBC are increasingly spurning Donald Trump because they think their ratings will be better off if they start dinging him, Trump has resorted to watching a network that’s so far off the far-right deep end, it makes Fox look respectable in comparison. Trump really does apparently have nothing better to do all day than to watch the quasi-fiction on OANN as his world crumbles around him. More power to him.

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