Devin Nunes is about to make things even worse for Donald Trump

Devin Nunes broke Donald Trump today. There’s no other way to put it. With the Trump-Russia investigation closing in on him and just weeks to go before he’ll be legally compelled to testify for Robert Mueller whether he wants to or not, Trump is down to his last few swings. He sent Nunes to the plate, and Nunes accidentally hit a home run for the other team with a memo that did the precise opposite of what it was supposed to. Now Nunes has revealed he’s about to make things even worse for Trump.

Now that Nunes’ big Trump-Russia memo was a poorly received box office failure, he’s not smart enough to take a hint and go away. Instead he’s already working multiple sequels. That’s right, Nunes is vowing to write more memos, according to a CNN report (link). Why? Because he’s too dumb to know that he’s dumb. He doesn’t get that his memo was a catastrophic failure because he’s incapable of such things. He seems to think that if he just tries again with another memo, he’ll get it right next week, or the week after that. And so we get to do this all over again.

That’s annoying for the rest of us, because we’re sick and tired of hearing about this stupid memo. But it’s truly problematic for Trump, because this memo was a catastrophe for him. It failed to move him one inch closer to firing Rosenstein or Mueller. It confirmed that the FBI based its Trump-Russia investigation on the drunken confession from George Papadopoulos, and not from the Trump-Russia dossier as Trump keeps claiming. It made Trump look guilty for releasing a classified memo about an ongoing investigation for no good reason. The memo was exasperating for our side, but it was beneficial for our side, because it was damaging for Trump’s side.

Devin Nunes just doesn’t get it. Either his feelings are hurt because everyone thinks his memo is joke, or he thinks these antics are somehow protecting him from criminal prosecution for his own role in the Trump-Russia scandal. He was told by everyone involved that his memo antics were hurting Donald Trump, not helping him, yet he went through with it anyway. Now he’s about to go through with it again, and again. This is Trump’s worst nightmare: the backfiring desperate gambit that just keeps blowing up in his face over and over again.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report