Release of FISA warrant is bad news for Carter Page – and even worse news for Devin Nunes and Donald Trump

On top of everything else that’s currently playing out with regard to the Trump-Russia treason scandal and Donald Trump’s other various criminal scandals, the FISA surveillance warrant against former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page has just been released to the public. The warrant is heavily redacted, but based on what is visible, it’s bad news for Page – and even worse news for Devin Nunes.

The release of the FISA warrant does not signify any new developments with regard to the FBI’s investigation into Carter Page. Instead, the warrant was released because the New York Times forced its release under the Freedom of Information Act. But the warrant nonetheless tells us a lot. First, it spells out that Page was being investigated to determine whether he was an “agent of a foreign power” – namely, Russia. This does not prove Page guilty of anything, but it means a federal judge felt there was enough evidence against Page to justify secretly wiretapping him.

As far as anyone knows, Carter Page has not been indicted, charged, or arrested for any crime. Is Special Counsel Robert Mueller building a criminal case against Page, or is Page already off the hook? This warrant doesn’t give us any answers in that regard. But it does confirm that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes flat out lied about the nature of the Page warrant in his infamous “Nunes memo,” which should all but seal the deal on potential obstruction of justice charges against Nunes.

This also confirms that Donald Trump hired a guy to help run his campaign who was under federal surveillance at the time, because a federal judge believed there was evidence that he was acting as a foreign agent of Russia. It’s yet another Trump-Russia “coincidence” – and as we’ve seen, these things almost never turn out to be coincidences.