We’ve reached the nude selfie stage of the Trump-Russia scandal

The Trump-Russia scandal has already involved everything from a comically incompetent treason meeting at Trump Tower, to a red headed Russian spy, to the “Lock Her Up” guy trying to avoid being locked up, to whatever it is that Carter Page is supposed to be. Now, for better or worse, we’ve reached the nude selfie stage of the Trump-Russia scandal. No, really.

As part of his wide net of evidence collection, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has apparently scooped up a nude selfie of one of the Russian trolls he’s been pursuing, according to new court filings. This kind of thing happens through mere happenstance; Mueller demands that someone’s phone be turned over, it happens to have a nude selfie on there, it gets catalogued as evidence along with the relevant stuff on the phone, and next thing you know, you end up with a court filing like this. No one cares about this Russian troll, of course. So why does this matter?

Even as this story gets its fair share of fun headlines today, the real upshot is that it demonstrates just how deep and vast Robert Mueller’s evidence collection machine has spanned, and how impressively it’s worked. Mueller managed to obtain a Russian troll’s cellphone without the troll even getting a chance to delete the embarrassing stuff first, let alone the criminal stuff.

This means Robert Mueller has, well, everything. The only remaining question is when we start getting to see the evidence. Our working theory is that Mueller has been waiting to line up his big endgame moves against Donald Trump with the Democratic Party takeover of the House, which is set to take place on January 3rd.

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