Donald Trump goes nuclear

Donald Trump has had an absolutely terrible week. His already-bad poll numbers have gotten even worse. His “Obamagate” scandal has blown up in his face. No one even believes his claim that he’s been abusing the drug hydroxychloroquine. Trump’s nemesis Michael Cohen even got out of prison yesterday.

So now Trump is going nuclear. Literally nuclear. Or at least he wants us to believe that he is. In an almost hilariously timed leak tonight, the Trump regime is telling the New York Times that it’s been discussing whether to conduct nuclear test explosions.

This is obviously either an attempt by Trump at flexing his muscles, under the mistaken belief that this kind of nonsense makes him look strong, or he’s just throwing this out there to try to create a distraction. We kind of doubt he’ll actually go through with the nuclear testing. Trump has a fairly consistent habit of not doing the things he says he’s going to do, while doing things that he doesn’t tell anyone about. If this nuclear testing thing were real, we probably wouldn’t be reading it about it tonight.

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