Now we know why Donald Trump suddenly went soft on China

For awhile there, Donald Trump was trying to gain the cheapest of political points by referring to the coronavirus as the “Chinese Virus.” It was a blatant attempt at scapegoating Chinese-Americans and Asian-Americans over the virus, in the hope of stirring up xenophobia within his racist base, thus distracting them from his own failures.

Then a couple weeks ago Trump suddenly stopped calling it the “Chinese Virus” and instead delivered a monologue about how Asian-Americans shouldn’t be blamed for this. This was a good development, of course. But as Palmer Report pointed out at the time, a bad person like Trump only does something like that when he has ulterior motives. Now we’re getting some answers.

Trump owes hundreds of millions of dollars to a Chinese government-controlled bank, and he’s scheduled to have to make a huge payment on that loan soon, according to an eye opening new report from Politico. Based on the fact that six of Trump’s top revenue-producing properties are currently shut down in the pandemic, and the recent reporting that he’s already reduced to begging Deutsche Bank to push back his payments, it’s more clear than ever that Trump has no cash on hand.

No wonder Donald Trump suddenly went soft on China. President Xi must have reminded him that China owns him, and that it can seize control of his buildings if he loses the election and can’t pay up. Again, it’s a good thing that Trump has stopped calling it the “Chinese Virus.” But it’s disturbing to think that Trump only stopped using that racist term because China reminded him that it literally owns him.

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