There’s nothing normal about this

Historically speaking, Donald Trump has never been a Republican. As someone who contributed to the Democratic Party, and was friends with the Clintons, his history is pretty clear. He has, in fact, had friends on “both sides,” What else is clear is that Trump acts in Trump’s best interest, and lately, that interest is typically vengeance.

As someone with no clear political philosophy, what seems clear at this almost two-year mark is that Trump seeks to hurt those he dislikes. What’s clear from his attempts at legislation, and his pattern of executive orders, is his plan to completely dismantle the accomplishments of his predecessor and anyone who speaks against his administration. On his obvious hit-list is any Obama era accomplishment, including Obamacare, which he has attempted to dismantle since his campaign. After a failure to repeal the ACA, POTUS decided to let the ACA implode on its own, but with a little help by executive orders.

The result of these orders has been an increase in health insurance premiums, lower enrollment, and a decrease in reimbursement. Trump will now have to deal with a lawsuit challenging his promise to let the ACA implode. The suit alleges that his behavior violates Article II of the Constitution by not ensuring that laws be faithfully executed.

Another interesting target is the State of California. Yes, our stable genius is fighting with a state, first over immigrants, now over the state’s right to set its own clean air standards by controlling auto emissions. California, Trump is coming for you. The largely Democratic, electoral-rich state has long been at odds with this administration, and Governor Jerry Brown is very outspoken regarding his disdain for Trump.

Going so far as to attempt to withhold federal monies from sanctuary cities, by executive order, Donald Trump is quite clear in his goals. Fortunately, the 9th Circuit has ruled this to be unconstitutional. Attempting to rule by vengeance alone could prove to be destructive for the Republican Party. Whatever is going on here, it is clear that this is just not normal.

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