Nothing but trouble

Republicans must skew things in their direction to win elected office, and we all know why. They have nothing to offer the American people, though they certainly could if they tried. The reason they do not try is that they do not care. It is as simple as that. They also appear to think the rest of us are stupid and cannot discern their machinations from reality. Take their stance on the federal budget for example. They go ballistic when the Democrats are in charge and want to pass legislation, but they quickly forget how much spending was out of control when they were in power.

Republicans are, not surprisingly, railing against President Biden’s infrastructure plan. According to Washington Post, they are concerned “about the growing deficit” and the debt ceiling. Funny how these only become issues when a Democratic president tries to spend to help the economy, thereby helping most of the American people. When Republicans knowingly and willingly decreased revenue collections by giving tax cuts to their rich friends, you could hear crickets. No, tax cuts are not the same as spending; however, decreasing the revenue makes it difficult if not impossible to spend on projects that make America stronger. The tax cuts are not all Republicans did to grow America’s debt.

As WaPo reported, Republicans had no qualms about spending money to advance the last administration’s policies. They voted to build the useless border wall and to expand the military. Not one of them objected to the increased deficit. These endeavors alone added trillions to the deficit, and not one peep from any of them. Now that a Democrat is in charge, they are suddenly fiscally conservative. They have come up with a $568 billion counterproposal to President Biden’s $1.8 trillion plan. Even though they have come up with a plan, Republicans stubbornly refuse to discuss tax increases, which means they have nothing in place to show how they expect to pay for their plan. Typical. This offer with no plan sounds like their repeatedly unsuccessful bid to get rid of the ACA even though they never had a replacement plan. Republicans offer nothing to the American people, and they have no viable plans for anything.

While enacting the last administration’s policies, WaPo reported that Republicans added $7 trillion to the national debt, which, as stated earlier, came primarily from tax cuts to the rich and profitable corporations. According to WaPo, that administration never discussed the debt at all and allowed it to grow unchecked until it exceeded $3.1 trillion. Now, Republicans want to wag their fingers at Democrats, telling them they cannot spend $1.8 trillion to help the American people. This is hypocrisy at its finest. Republicans are completely useless. They are not helping to further the economy, let alone the wellbeing of the country’s citizens. They would rather give tax breaks to those who do not need or deserve them instead of serving the very people who put them in office. People who vote Republican need to seriously give some thought to continuing to vote for them.

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