Donald Trump is not well

Like a pouting child crying for attention, Donald Trump couldn’t remain quiet during the Democratic debate. He didn’t just take to Twitter, he took to the stage at a House Republican retreat in Baltimore and made an absolute fool of himself. Trump resurrected the fake tax cut that he floated before the mid-terms in 2018. Like the best and most awesome health care plan he is working on, he must be working on the fake middle-class tax cut as well.

Continuing the playing the oldies, Trump mocked John McCain’s “thumbs down” vote against Trump’s repeal of the ACA, and prattled on about wind power and losing TV when the wind isn’t blowing. Interestingly enough, he also referred to the lack of population twenty-five years ago and certain light bulbs making him look orange. He replayed fake conversations with world leaders and one could only hope that he isn’t really hearing the conversations in his head. He mocked everything that could be mocked.

What would a Trump appearance be without a jab at Hillary, or calling Senator Warren “Pocahantas“ or just making weird sounds that people are supposed to understand or relate to? The insanity in the room was palpable. Trump also painted a really dark vision of the world under a potential 2020 Democratic winner. He told tales of gangs slicing up young women, the increase in crimes as Democrats freely welcome immigrants and stories of Democrats taking everyone’s money. He claimed Democrats to be “colluding and obstructing”, though he did not provide details. He rambled and rambled and lied for seventy minutes.

Donald Trump was incoherent last night, and it is downright scary to think that Trump is the leader of the free world. Trump presented himself as the safe choice against a “radical left” Democratic candidate wanting to destroy America. He warned America that they “have no choice” but to vote for him, which was the most terrifying comment of all.

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