Donald Trump begs his remaining supporters not to “give up”

If you want a measure of how badly things are going for Donald Trump right now, you can look at his terrible poll numbers, or the fact that he’s being impeached, or the members of his own party who are starting to run away from him, or the weakness he showed last night when he quickly pulled the plug on his G7 summit. But if you really want to know how badly things are going for him, take a look at the two words he tweeted last night.

The most surefire sign that your side is losing? When you have to start begging them not to give up. In the movies, that’s sometimes a turning point where an impassioned speech suddenly turns everything around for everyone involved. But in the real world, when you’re reduced to begging your own side not to give up, you usually end up losing. One of Donald Trump’s surrogates posted this tweet:

Lately I’ve heard a few, “Trump has done an amazing job- but I’m getting so tired of the bad press.” Are u kidding? This is EXACTLY what the media wants- to burn u out & fatigue u into wanting him out. Have an espresso & buck the hell up. This is no time for Stockholm syndrome.

This alone is a sign that Donald Trump’s remaining supporters are becoming weary and worn down by just what a corrupt and embarrassing disaster he’s turned out to be. But here’s the kicker. Trump quoted this tweet and added his own, ahem, pep talk: “Never give up. We are doing GREAT! We are WINNING!”


Again, this isn’t the movies. When things are going so horribly for your own side that you end up having to beg your own people not to “give up” on you and your cause, it’s a bad sign.

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