None of them are getting away with any of it

Brett Kavanaugh, a mentally unstable man who stands accused of too many felonies to list, and appears to have an entire army of skeletons in his closet, has become the latest shady character to benefit from becoming Donald Trump’s puppet. For the moment, it appears Kavanaugh has gotten away with it. But here’s a spoiler for you: he won’t get away with it in the end. How do I know this? Because Trump’s compromised henchmen never do.

What do Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, George Papadopoulos, and Michael Flynn all have in common? They’ve all gone to prison, or have pleaded guilty and agreed to go to prison, as a result of having gotten involved with Donald Trump. Some of them were career criminals before Trump got ahold of them and some weren’t, but they all committed crimes in the name of advancing Trump’s greater glory, and – when it came down to it – they paid the price. That’s before getting to people like Sean Spicer, Omarosa, Reince Priebus, Dr. Ronny Jackson, and dozens of others whose careers and reputations were ruined by getting in bed with Trump.

Donald Trump has, rather obviously, chosen Brett Kavanaugh based on the expectation that Kavanaugh will use his position on the Supreme Court to try to help keep Trump out of prison. But the GOP knew it would be very difficult to get Kavanaugh confirmed, and by all accounts, begged Trump to pick someone else. Anyone else. There was a long list of conservative candidates who could have been confirmed along party lines without an ounce of scandal. Kavanaugh is the kind of guy whose ascendancy barely succeeded to begin with, and isn’t built to last.

Jerry Nadler, who stands to take control of the House Judiciary Committee if the Democrats take the House in the November elections, has already said that Brett Kavanaugh’s criminal scandals will be investigated to the hilt. Even if Kavanaugh is hoping that the Democrats won’t take control this time, it’ll happen eventually; these things always swing back. It’s a matter of time before Kavanaugh is exposed in a manner which leads to criminal charges, whether they be on perjury or something else, and ousted from the court, probably in favor of prison stripes.

The thing is, Donald Trump doesn’t care. If Brett Kavanaugh is going to be of any personal help to Trump, it’s probably going to happen within months. After that, Trump isn’t going to be bothered in the slightest if Kavanaugh ends up behind bars. Trump finds compromised people, offers to elevate them in return for corrupt favors, and convinces them that he’ll protect them once their dirty secrets start coming out. The thing is, he never does. Trump’s people never do get away with it in the end.