Donald Trump nominee bites the dust in surreal fashion

Donald Trump is having a phenomenally bad week. The Supreme Court just sided with Robert Mueller in a key Trump-Russia court battle. Paul Manafort just accidentally confessed publicly to collusion. The Russian lawyer who conspired with Donald Trump Jr just got indicted. And Trump’s border wall speech last night was a disaster. There has been so much bad news for Trump, an important story for him of a different kind got drowned out entirely.

Roughly four months ago, Donald Trump nominated Nellie Liang to serve on the Federal Reserve’s board of governors. This was an odd choice for Trump, in that it seemed to be a legitimate one. Liang is a pro-regulation Democrat, the precise opposite of Trump’s typical corrupt anti-regulation nominees. Why did Trump nominate her? No one knows for sure. But now it’s over.

Senate Republicans were so unimpressed with Donald Trump’s extremely rare effort at bipartisanship, they never even bothered to give Liang a confirmation hearing. According to Axios, the Trump regime has now been forced to withdraw her name entirely, as it’s become clear that the GOP will never confirm her.

We’ve seen Donald Trump nominate people for high positions who were corrupt, Russian plants, alleged wife beaters, alleged serial rapists, and other horrid offenses – most of whom were promptly rubber stamped by the Republican Senate. But now that Trump decided to nominate an apparently non-corrupt Democrat for once, the Republican Senate has finally decided that’s a line that can’t be crossed. This whole thing is surreal.