“Nobody can be this stupid” – Donald Trump has complete meltdown as it all goes wrong for him

At this point everything is going wrong for Donald Trump. Mike Pence can’t magically give him a second term. New York State is accelerating its criminal case against Trump, helping to ensure that he’s destined for prison. Even Deutsche Bank has turned against Trump, because he’s about to become useless to his creditors. So what’s Trump doing about it?

Whining in maniacal yet defeated fashion, of course. Most of Trump’s tweets are irrelevant these days. But every now and then one of his meltdowns still gives us clues about where his head is, and whom he’s trying to take down with him. For instance, tonight Trump tried to set Georgia’s Republican Party on fire.

After a wide scale signature match investigation concluded on Tuesday that there was absolutely no systemic mail-in voter fraud, Trump announced that the Republicans running Georgia are “are a complete disaster and don’t have a clue, or worse. Nobody can be this stupid.”


Trump went on to beg Georgia’s Republican leaders to “allow us to find the crime, and turn the state Republican.” That’s right, Trump is now reduced to begging to be allowed to just manufacture some phony election fraud, and somehow magically announce that he secretly won Georgia, and have it all somehow work out for him. This has reached a hallucinatory point of desperation. Trump’s life is over, and he’s reaching into the furthest recesses of fantasy to keep faint hope alive that some kind of magic carpet ride is going to whisk him away at the last minute. It won’t.

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