“No you’re not!” – selfish Green Party stooge gets destroyed for refusing to vote for Joe Biden

At this point the 2020 election is a binary choice. Either you vote for Joe Biden and you help oust Donald Trump from power in the process. Or you take any other action on election day, and you help Trump remain in power by default. But there are some delusional folks who still don’t understand this reality.

Take, for instance, the guy who tweeted this today: “Serious question. I am not voting for Trump or Biden as neither of these old men are in any shape to be managing a country. I will likely vote Green Party as it aligns closely with my progressive views. Am I considered a Resister?”

How poorly did this selfish question go over? Despite it being a fairly obscure account, the tweet received eighteen thousand negative replies and counting. So many of the replies we’re in the form of “No you’re not,” the words “No you’re” began trending on Twitter.

We’re hoping this guy learns his lesson and decides to join the human race by voting for Joe Biden in 2020. Only a true sociopath would look at the damage that Donald Trump is doing, and then still refuse to vote for Biden, in order to feel special or whatever. Voting Green Party is the same thing as voting for Trump. The difference is that Trump supporters are idiots who don’t know better, while Green Party voters do know better but they’re psychotic enough not to care about the consequences.

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