No wonder the Republicans were so afraid of Merrick Garland

Senate Republicans used every procedural move in the book to stall nearly every one of President Biden’s major appointees for as long as possible. But they worked the hardest of all to stall Merrick Garland’s Attorney General confirmation. Now it’s starting to become clear why.

Garland was finally confirmed last month, and as we all know, he inherited a Department of Justice that the former guy left in shambles. But now that he’s had time to get a handle on things, it’s rapidly becoming clear just how aggressive he’s going to be on all fronts.

On the civil rights front, Garland’s DOJ has launched criminal probes into multiple racist police departments, and yesterday it announced federal hate crime charges against the men who murdered Ahmaud Arbery. But while Republicans don’t like that kind of justice, it’s the Garland DOJ’s other moves that surely have Republicans truly rattled.

Yesterday the DOJ raided the homes of Rudy Giuliani and Victoria Toensing, in a clear sign that it intends to get to the bottom of Donald Trump’s Ukraine election scandal. This is going to make for ugly headlines for Trump, and for the Republican Party by extension. But it’s clear that Garland is going to have the DOJ try to bring everyone to justice who was involved in every Trump criminal plot – and that could end up dragging in a number of House and Senate Republicans directly.

This comes after the Garland DOJ made major moves against Trump ally Roger Stone two weeks ago. Stone has connections to any number of corrupt Republican politicians, so we’ll see how ugly that storyline gets for the GOP. But it’s becoming clear that Merrick Garland is going to pursue political corruption on all fronts. No wonder the Republicans were so afraid of this guy’s confirmation.

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