No wonder Rudy Giuliani went so far out of his mind

Based on his public words and behavior, Rudy Giuliani hasn’t technically been in his right mind in quite some time. But this week he appeared on television and took things over the top even by his standards, raising questions about what he knew that we didn’t. Now we finally have some answers.

Rudy Giuliani finally admitted to Trump-Russia collusion, and then insisted that he’s never said there wasn’t any collusion. This is typical Team Trump double speak, but there had to be a reason Rudy was suddenly confessing to this. Now we know why he felt compelled to move the goalposts and try to change the narrative.

Last night we learned that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has Donald Trump nailed for instructing Michael Cohen to lie under oath to Congress about the Trump Tower Moscow project. Suborning perjury is a felony, and it’s the most clear-cut and easily understood felony count that Trump has been formally hit with to date. It also proves that Trump was knee-deep in the Moscow project during the election, which means that Trump was in fact colluding with the Russians while he was running for president.

Of course there’s a lot more to it than that. The totality of the publicly available evidence makes clear to average onlooker that Donald Trump is nothing more than a Russian operative who has been working for the Kremlin all along. But as of now we have confirmation that Trump has at least been legally nailed for colluding with Russia and then committing a felony to try to cover it up. Rudy Giuliani had to have known earlier this week that this bomb was about to drop, and it’s why he went so much further out of his mind than usual.

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