No wonder prosecutors have been waiting to bust Matt Gaetz

Just yesterday, Palmer Report spelled out why federal prosecutors gave up nothing by waiting to continue to build their criminal case against Matt Gaetz. The short of it: Gaetz predictably fumbled away the extra time on inept narcissistic nonsense, instead of trying to actually help himself. Now we’re getting a clearer picture of why prosecutors have been waiting.

It turns out convicted underage sex trafficker Joel Greenberg is still providing federal prosecutors with assistance in building other federal criminal cases, according to a new report last night from CNN. This includes evidence that has led prosecutors to “some places we did not anticipate.” In other words, Greenberg has indeed taken down a number of his powerful friends and associates, and the indictments are obviously coming. The Feds have clearly been waiting for Greenberg’s substantial cooperation to be completed.

Of course those who have grown impatient with the length of the Matt Gaetz investigation will merely blow off this news, because it’s not what they want to hear. The defeatists will simply mutter pointless nonsense like “I’ll believe it when I see it” when it comes to Gaetz’s arrest, while ignoring the fact that the case against Gaetz is obviously moving forward. As always, these defeatists serve no purpose and only distract from the facts of the matter.


In reality, all that matters when it comes to the inevitable Matt Gaetz indictment is that the criminal case ends up being comprehensive enough to guarantee a conviction at trial. The timeframe of the indictment is a distant second to that, no matter how impatient some observers may be feeling. Meanwhile, Gaetz is still doing absolutely nothing to help himself.

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