No wonder Lin Wood is suddenly trying to distance himself from Sidney Powell

Days ago, former Trump election lawyer Lin Wood publicly accused fellow former Trump election lawyer Sidney Powell of having misappropriated “Stop the Steal” funds. To that end, Wood released a bizarre recording of himself and Trump world figure Patrick Byrne, who both stated their belief during the call that Powell is under federal investigation.

Lin Wood may be an incoherent paranoid delusional conspiracy theorist, but it turns out he may have been onto something. The Daily Beast is now reporting that Powell is under federal investigation, with regard to the funding for her “Kraken” election suits.


We’ll see where this federal investigation goes. But at the least, it seems to have prompted Lin Wood to turn sharply and publicly against his former ally Sidney Powell. It’s enough to make you wonder how Wood seemed to know Powell was under investigation, and whether this means that Wood is cooperating or will cooperate against her. Trump world figures were always going to turn against each other as these investigations into the insurrection and the attempted election overthrow closed in. Now we’re seeing that play out.

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