No wonder Donald Trump pulled the plug on Doral

When Donald Trump announced on Saturday night that he was pulling the plug on his G7 Doral grift, it didn’t come as a surprise. He insisted that the Democrats and the media had left him no choice, but in reality a number of Republicans in the House and Senate were publicly giving him grief for it. Now it turns out things were even uglier behind closed doors.

When Mick Mulvaney made the idiotic Doral G7 announcement on Thursday while also confessing to Donald Trump’s guilt in the Ukraine scandal, it turns out that wasn’t enough to get Mulvaney benched. Just two days later, Trump had Mulvaney meet at Camp David with some moderate Republicans, in an effort at keeping them on Trump’s side in the brewing impeachment battle, according to the New York Times. We’re not sure what’s more surreal here, that Trump had Mulvaney try to keep the GOP in the fold after Mulvaney just handed them every reason to turn against Trump, or that Mulvaney was doing so at Camp David after having just publicly trashed Camp David.

In any case, the Republicans at the meeting unanimously told Mulvaney that Donald Trump should pull the plug on the Doral G7 stunt, and so he did. What’s bizarre is that even Mulvaney appears to understand that Trump is in trouble with the Republicans – hence the need for his meeting with them – and yet it was Mulvaney who helped Trump roll out the Doral G7 thing, which turned out to be the thing the Republicans had the biggest problem with. This is as tone-deaf as it is incoherent.

The NY Times expose also revealed why Donald Trump paused for half an hour in the middle of his Twitter thread announcing that he was pulling the plug on having the G7 at Doral: he stopped to watch the opening segment of Jeanine Pirro’s dumpster fire of a show on Fox News. That’s right, even as Trump was being forced to retreat by his own party, he stopped to listen to the nice things that one of his deranged lunatic supporters was saying about him on television. This man is mentally incompetent in every sense possible.

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