No wonder Donald Trump ran off to Nevada

When you’re as far behind as Donald Trump is with just seven weeks to go, you’re left with nothing but bad options and long shots when it comes to trying to turn things around. But still, it was odd to see Trump diverting time and resources from states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania – even though he’s currently losing all three – in favor of Nevada, where he’s also currently losing.

But as the numbers keep coming in, it’s becoming more clear why Trump made the panic move of shifting his efforts to Nevada. The latest ABC Washington Post poll has Trump behind by six points in Wisconsin, helping to cement Biden’s current seven point lead in the polling averages in Wisconsin. In other words, things are trending further away from Trump in the state.

For awhile Trump was flirting with the idea of trying to win Minnesota, presumably to try to make up for the possibility of losing Wisconsin. But this same new ABC poll has Trump down by a whopping sixteen points in Minnesota, nudging Biden’s lead in the polling averages up to ten points in the state, in a reminder that Trump was never going to win Minnesota.

No wonder Donald Trump ran off to Nevada over the weekend. He has little chance of winning there either, but at least he’s only behind by about four points there, whereas his deficits in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania are getting out of hand for him. And of course this all plays out even as Trump’s campaign is so broke it can’t afford to run any appreciable amount of TV ads in almost any states.

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