No wonder Donald Trump Jr. is panicking

The word is Trump and Trump Jr. have lawyered up in relation to the January 6th attack. With the Feds deciding on likely sedition charges forthcoming for the participants, it’s no surprise these two clowns are worried. They should be.

Don Jr. is certainly doing his best to distract by holding up his children for inspection on Twitter and reading fan letters to his father. He’s also spouting illegitimate newsfeeds that claim more Americans are killed by knives than rifles. That is, of course, technically correct but to the idiots who follow him, they won’t be able to tell that’s a bullsh*t statistic. More Americans are killed by knives than rifles but that conveniently doesn’t include handguns. And though the number killed by automatic rifles is even lower, what difference does it make when you have to take your life in your hands just to get milk from the grocery store?

This needs to be shut down now. It’s nice The Daily Caller or the NRA can provide propaganda to Don Jr., but his message is a lie on so many levels. More violent deaths in this country come from handguns and everyone knows it. So what if the chances are low you will meet a nutjob with an AR-15? They are definitely there.


We all know it’s time to change the laws. We’re on to the NRA and its corruption and Russian money. We’ve got to get this madness under control with more regulations and the banning of automatic weapons. In the meantime, Don Jr. can post all the bullsh*t, out-of-context statistics he wants. He can post pics and videos of his cute children and he can read fan fic about his father. He’s still going to prison. And that’s all that counts.

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