No wonder Donald Trump is pretending Joe Biden is already the President

While the GOP-controlled Senate is doing all in their power to prevent another COVID stimulus bill that would actually benefit anyone besides their donors, Donald Trump can’t decide whether he downplayed or up-played the threat of a pandemic that he knew was deadly even when he told people it wasn’t. It’s pretty clear that they’re all floundering to find something voters will fall for as things only get worse on their watch, but Joe Biden has a different approach.

Presently, he’s calling for a stimulus package much larger than the CARES Act recently passed by Congress that will also renew unemployment insurance and invest in badly needed infrastructure projects while bailing out state budgets. He’s hoping to start immediately upon taking office, making changes to corporate tax cuts on day one by closing the capital gains loophole.

No wonder Trump is acting like Biden is already president – Biden’s the only one who’s actually addressing concerns from the Congressional Budget Office that the COVID outbreak could set the country’s economy back $16 trillion, even if nothing else happens with the economy. His plan has already racked up a number of high-profile endorsements, from former chairs of the Federal Reserve like Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen, and a number of Nobel-winning economists, while Trump is still bragging about his Nobel nomination.

Biden remembers the long road to recovery following the 2008 Great Recession and he and his advisers want the country to get back on its feet more quickly. For this reason alone, we need to not only win back the White House but the Senate as well, and the only way to do it is to vote Democratic down the ballot by November 3.

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