No one has any idea what’s happening right now

Quick, what’s happening right now? When will Robert Mueller’s report be filed? What will be in it? Who is about to be criminally charged, and by whom? Why did the DOJ just fly a plane to London from its U.S. base where fugitive retrieval agents are stationed? Does anyone know what’s about to happen next?

The short answer is no – at least when it comes to unscrambling the precise details of what’s happening right now, or predicting what’s about to happen by this time tomorrow. At this point you might have a better statistical chance of accurately guessing the winner of every remaining March Madness game than accurately guessing what all will be in the Mueller report. Of course there are some anecdotal clues that point to what’s about to happen in a less detailed sense.

Based on his recent escalating antics and unraveling behavior, Donald Trump clearly thinks the Mueller report is going to be ugly for him, and that it’s coming soon, and that he won’t be able to defend himself well against it. But this could be based on anything from inside knowledge to general dread. More and more Republicans in Congress are voting against Trump on key issues, seemingly trying to insulate themselves from his downfall – but again, that doesn’t mean they know anything more than we do about when and how the Mueller hammer might drop on him.

Robert Mueller knows what’s in his own report, but he’s not going to tell us about it before he’s ready to tell us about it. Mueller has had nearly two years to plan his endgame, and Donald Trump has had nearly two years to dread it. Beyond that, we’re all on the outside looking in for the moment – and that could all change at any moment.