No one can figure out what this idiot is even talking about

Donald Trump is having a bit of a rough go of it. He’s sounded like a caveman with rabies ever since his old friend Jeffrey Epstein was arrested, and his lunacy went up ten notches after Epstein was found dead. You’d have to ask Trump what he really means with some of his most recent rambling, because honestly, we’re not even sure.

When he wasn’t giving a speech yesterday that was aired by precisely zero of the big three cable news networks, Donald Trump was busy going on… and on… and on about CNN and its host Chris Cuomo. At one point, after a random Trump fan made up the random sarcastic false claim that nine hundred thousand of CNN’s viewers are “unwilling passengers at the airports,” Trump retweeted it and added “True! Without being stuck at an airport, where CNN buys (at a big price) an uninterested audience, they’ve got nothing going.”

That’s right, Trump is so far gone, he mistook his own goon’s sarcasm for actual fact. By the time Trump tacked on “CNN is BAD for America!” the whole thing became such a farce that the phrase “BAD for America” began trending atop Twitter as everyone made fun of him. Somewhere in there Trump decided that Chris Cuomo shouldn’t be allowed to own a gun, attacked the New York Times in incoherent fashion, and praised some clown named Ron Vitiello while misspelling “Vitiello.”

By the time Donald Trump retweeted Bill O’Reilley’s unintentionally hilarious assertion that he couldn’t find a single instance of Trump “discussing skin color in a pejorative way or promoting Caucasian dominance,” Trump’s day had essentially turned into some kind of avant garde performance art. It might be funny, if Trump weren’t murdering immigrants and burning down the United States, even as China threatens to invade Hong Kong and Russia runs amok with a worsening nuclear accident.

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