No, Donald Trump isn’t about to fire Robert Mueller

So we’re back to this again. The media spent all of December trying to convince us that Donald Trump was about to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller any minute because… well, it was a slow news month. There was never any danger of that happening during that timeframe. There was no evidence that it might happen. It was a mere ratings ploy, and it served its purpose. Now we’re learning that Trump really did try to fire Mueller, seven months ago, before backing down – so now we’re stuck with the media trying to once again convince us that Trump is about to fire Mueller any minute.

As I explained back in December, I can’t guarantee that Trump won’t wake up tomorrow and randomly decide to try to fire Mueller. He’s so mentally unstable, he could wake up tomorrow and try to fire Smokey The Bear. But the reality today is the same that it was a week ago, before this “new” story about a failed firing in June. The reality today is also the same as it was back in December, when the media was flat out fabricating the assertion that Trump was about to fire Mueller. There is simply no evidence whatsoever that Trump is preparing to do so.

If anything, this latest revelation underscores what’s been obvious for some time. Trump did have a window for trying to fire Mueller in the middle of last year. He could have tried to catch the public off guard, before Mueller was able to dig in and assert himself, before there was any real buzz about the possibility of Trump firing Mueller. Now we know that Trump did, rather tepidly, try to take advantage of that window. But that window has long been closed. Even Donald Trump seems to know it.

It’s why he never did circle back and fire Robert Mueller after having backed down in June. Back when he fired FBI Director James Comey, it came as a shock. It caught everyone off guard. That was the entire point. It backfired when Mueller was appointed, but it wasn’t a totally suicidal strategy. Firing Mueller now, when everyone is on guard against it, would be too stupid even by Trump’s standards. That won’t stop the media from using this seven month old story to reignite the “Trump is about to fire Mueller” hysteria. It’s as baseless as it was when they were hyping it last month.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report