No, Donald Trump isn’t running in 2024

– Even if Donald Trump soon announces that he’s running again in 2024, it’ll be fake, and it should be completely ignored. It’ll be nothing more than a phony cash grab so Trump can fundraise from his gullible supporters and use the money for his upcoming criminal trial defense and creditor squeezes. Trump will obviously be in prison before 2024. Don’t let anyone in the media get away with framing this Trump 2024 nonsense as if it were real.

– One possible factor in Trump’s decision to stop standing in the way of the transition: Republican corporate donors threatened on Monday afternoon to stop donating to the Senate runoff races unless Trump got out of the way. We told you that eventually, Trump’s fantasy about overturning the election was going to get in the way of the GOP’s usual corrupt antics, and that Trump would be pushed aside accordingly.

– Palmer Report has frequently used the word “magically” to explain why Trump couldn’t overturn the election or remain in office, to the point that we’ve worried about overusing the word. Tonight, Rachel Maddow used the word “magically” three times in the span of a minute to explain the same thing. We feel totally vindicated 🙂

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