No, Donald Trump hasn’t magically stopped Mary Trump’s book from being published

Today a judge issued a temporary restraining order against the publication and distribution of Mary Trump’s upcoming tell-all book about her uncle Donald Trump. He’ll tout this as a victory, and the fatalists within the Resistance will proclaim that he’s magically stopped the book from being published. But that’s not how anything works.

For starters, Mary Trump’s book isn’t set to ship for another four weeks. This is a mere temporary restraining order, while the legal dispute is sorted out in court. This is not an indicator that the judge plans to actually stop the book from being published on its release date.

Moreover, the order doesn’t provide any explanation for why the temporary restraining order is being issued, meaning that this isn’t a ruling in Donald Trump’s favor on the merits of the case. We still expect the book to likely ship on time. In any case, Amazon is still accepting preorders, and the buzz being generated by Donald Trump’s legal action will probably only serve to drive the book even higher on the charts.

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