Now we know why Nikki Haley is so eager to go down with Donald Trump’s sinking ship

Nikki Haley ruined her once-promising political career when she went to work for the Donald Trump regime. She knows it, and doesn’t appear to believe she can get anywhere by coming out against Trump, so instead she keeps emphatically marrying herself to Trump’s sinking ship. But this isn’t going to magically put her back in the game either, so the question has been why she’s destroying what’s left of her reputation in the name of trying to prop up the ghost of Donald Trump.

Now we have our answer. Nikki Haley is doing what failed politicians always do: she’s cashing out. Haley is publishing a new book about her time in the Trump regime, according to the Washington Post. In the book, she’s defending Trump against impeachment, while accusing people like Rex Tillerson and John Kelly of having tried and failed to get her to conspire with them against Trump.

In other words, Haley is looking to sell her book to what’s left of Donald Trump’s drooling base. This is about money. Of course it also means the absolute end of her career as a politician, and she knows it, as once Trump has been ousted and is in prison, there will be zero room for pro-Trump politicians to get elected. But she must think her career is permanently over anyway.


Nikki Haley, like so many others who eagerly signed on to work for the Trump regime, has always been corrupt trash. She and others like her used to have to at least marginally hide their true nature. But in the Trump era, they no longer feel compelled to give even the slightest pretense of being human. Unfortunately for Haley and others like her, the Trump era is near its end.

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