Nikki Haley just got destroyed

Not long ago, Nikki Haley was being touted as a “rising star” in the Republican Party. It’s funny how often that designation ends up being the beginning of the end of that particular Republican’s career. The attention of being a rising star went to Haley’s head, causing her to marry her political future to Donald Trump without really thinking it through.

So it’s not surprising that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is absolutely mopping the floor with Nikki Haley today in an ongoing Twitter argument. It’s a reminder that whether you agree with AOC’s particular positions or not, she’s quite intelligent. In contrast, Haley is not very smart at all.

Then again, we already knew that about Nikki Haley. When she resigned as Governor of South Carolina to join the Trump regime, she was betting that either Trump would put her on the 2020 ticket in place of Pence, or that the nation would be eager for her to run on a Trumpist platform in 2024. But with Trump having just gotten blown out by six million votes, it’s clear that whatever brand of BS the Republicans trot out in 2024, it won’t be Trumpism. Everyone saw this coming but Haley, who has thrown her career away for nothing.

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