Nikki Haley goes completely off the deep end

In recent months, Donald Trump’s former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has been not-so-subtly trying to get her name in the conversation as a potential replacement for Mike Pence on the Trump 2020 ticket. Recently she made a point of ‘shooting down’ the rumors that she was replacing Pence at a time when no one was even discussing it, as a way of trying to get people to discuss it. Now she’s taking things even further.

Nikki Haley has given a new interview to CBS News, for no apparent reason other than to insist that Donald Trump is innocent. This is a quote released by CBS from Haley: “On what? You’re going to impeach a president for asking for a favor that didn’t happen and – and giving money and it wasn’t withheld?”

This is a completely bonkers sentiment, of course. But what’s she trying to do here? If Nikki Haley were looking to carve out a place for herself in post-Trump Republican politics, she’d be following the Mitt Romney model of trying to get credit for being the one to throw Trump under the bus. Instead Haley is all but guaranteeing she’ll have no future in the post-Trump GOP by cartoonishly defending him at a time when most Americans think he’s guilty and want him gone.

The only possible reason for Nikki Haley to marry herself this loudly to Donald Trump’s sinking ship right now is if she really is angling to be Donald Trump’s 2020 running mate. We wouldn’t put it past Trump to try to scapegoat Mike Pence for the Ukraine scandal and go with Haley instead. But at this point the odds of there even being a Trump 2020 ticket keep dropping by the day, let alone the odds of Trump somehow winning. Haley is throwing her reputation, career, and future away on a delusional pipe dream. We always knew Nikki Haley was this much of a worthless and corrupt scumbag. We just didn’t know she was this stupid.

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