Nikki Haley flip flops in completely idiotic fashion

In hindsight, Nikki Haley’s political career was over the minute the media named her a Republican rising star. It went to her head, and she tried taking a shortcut to prominence by resigning as Governor of South Carolina and joining the Trump regime. That proved to be the end of her relevance, because no one serves in the Trump regime and comes out clean.

Ever since Nikki Haley ruined her career by tying herself to Trump’s atrocities, she’s repeatedly flip flopped on whether she now supports or opposes Trump. Now she’s done it again.

After the Capitol attack, Haley said that the nation can’t ever follow Trump’s lead again. But today Haley said that if Trump runs in 2024, she’ll support his candidacy, as opposed to running against him.

The silly part is that she’s being asked this question at all. Donald Trump, who has fallen to pieces and fallen off the radar since being bounced from office, clearly won’t be running (it’s difficult to run for President from a prison cell). Nikki Haley, who is broadly unpopular all around, won’t get anywhere in the Republican primary race even if she does run.

But because Trump and Haley are precisely the kind of embarrassing idiots who would deliver a ratings boost to the 2024 election, the media is desperate for one or both of them to run. This is just the latest instance of the media trying to breathe new life into Trump’s political corpse, because it wants another round of ratings out of him. It’s more important than ever that we not let the media distract us with these kinds of nonsense-driven sideshows that obviously aren’t going to happen.

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