The ultimate nightmare scenario when it comes to Brett Kavanaugh

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is a nightmare in every sense of the word. In his confirmation hearings he showed himself to be a mentally unstable, screaming, crying, belligerent lunatic – and that’s before getting to the numerous allegations of sexual assault against him, along with the felony perjury he committed in plain sight. But there’s a nightmare scenario when it comes to Kavanaugh that could make this whole thing even worse.

Thanks to this past weekend’s new allegations and evidence against Brett Kavanaugh, there are renewed calls for his impeachment, resignation, and eventual post-Trump prosecution for perjury. All of the above should happen. Here’s the trouble: the worst case scenario is that Kavanaugh does resign right now. Hear me out, because this is important.

Brett Kavanaugh has been quietly but unmistakably been voting with the liberals on the Supreme Court on some fairly important cases, in an apparent attempt at convincing the Democrats not to oust and/or indict him once they regain control of the relevant government institutions. Over the past few days, even Donald Trump has begun trying to call attention to Kavanaugh’s voting pattern. Trump seems to be worried that when the high court votes on things like impeachment evidence, Kavanaugh might vote against him, in a last ditch effort at saving himself.

It’s almost as if Donald Trump is now trying to pressure Brett Kavanaugh into resigning. Therein lies the problem. Back when the Kavanaugh nomination was falling apart, Trump and the GOP had to stick with him, because they didn’t know if they would keep the Senate in the midterm elections, and they didn’t have time to ditch Kavanaugh and start the process with someone else.


But if Brett Kavanaugh were to resign now, Donald Trump and the Republican Senate could take their time and confirm some corrupt far-right extremist in his place, long before we get to the 2020 election. Then we’d be stuck with that Justice for the next forty years. That’s opposed to Kavanaugh, a guy we have a good chance of getting rid of the minute Trump loses, because the felony perjury charge can be used to pressure him into cutting a no-prison resignation deal.

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